1 2 2007-07-DSC 2558ofv  Summer 2007 2007-07-DSC 2558ofvr  summer 2007; I had contemplated to cut what is shown in the picture. With all the foliage one cannot see the trunk well. But I decided thtat it was not such a good idea. A big scar would be right in front of an otherwise clean trunk. And one should not judge a deciduous tree with foliage. Decision postponed.
2007-07-DSC 2559ofv  Summer 2007 2007-10-DSC 0215ofv3  Fall 2007; coming 2007-11-DSC 0513ofv  Winter 2007/8; this is the better front. Now it is clear thatthe branch in front has to stay. This is a tree which is better in the winter silhouette. The branches will have to become much longer to create a crown which makes it look like a big old tree. Now it still looks a bit too much like a bonsai. 2007-11-DSC 0513ofvr  Winter 2007/8; with a larger pot the proportions will be fine.
2007-11-DSC 0513ofvr2  Winter 2007/8; with a larger pot the proportions will be fine. 2007-11-DSC 0514ofv  Winter 2007/8; also the back side has no hole. This makes it quite valuable. 2008-03-DSC 2191ofv 2008-03-DSC 2601v
2008-03-DSC 2602v 2008-06-NSC 5783v 2008-08-NSC 6383v 2008-08-NSC 6390v
2008-08-NSC 6391v 2008-10-NSC 6668v 2008-10-NSC 6676v 2008-10-NSC 6714v
2009-04-NSC 7285v 2009-07-NSC 8009v 2009-11-205v 2009-11-207v
2009-11-208v 2009-11-NSC 8644ofv 2010-04-NSC 9631ofv 2010-05-NSC 9755ofv
2010-08-PSC 0495ofv 2010-10-PSC 0804ofv 2010-10-PSC 0835ofv 2010-10-PSC 0881ofv
2011-03-QDSC 1755DNGofw 2011-03-QDSC 1975DNGofw 2011-04-QDSC 2440DNGofw 2011-04-QDSC 2573DNGofw
2011-05-QDSC 3847DNGofw 2011-05-QDSC 3937DNGw 2011-11-QDSC 8477DNGofw 2011-11-QDSC 8478DNGofw
2011-11-QDSC 8479DNGofw 2011-11-QDSC 8480DNGofw 2011-11-QDSC 8501DNGw 2011-11-QDSC 8502DNGw
2011-11-QDSC 8503DNGw 2011-11-QDSC 8504DNGw 2012-04-RDSC 0637w