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1993-04-03-Magazin13-Bild14 1993-04-06-Magazin13-Bild17 1993-04-07-Magazin13-Bild18 1994-05-Magazin13-Bild15
1994-10-Magazin08-Bild49 1995-05-Magazin08-Bild43 1995-09-Magazin13-Bild19 1995-10-Magazin08-Bild45
1996-04-Magazin08-Bild46 1998-11-Magazin13-Bild06 2001-04-Magazin08-Bild47 2001-04-Magazin08-Bild48
2001-07-Magazin13-Bild08 2002-04-Magazin13-Bild21 2002-10-DSCN3914v  Fall 2002; in teh Bavarian Exhibit 2002 2002-10-DSCN3956v  Fall 2002
2003-10-Dscn6653v  Fall 2003 2004-07-Dscn7599v  Summer 2004 2005-04-Dscn03941v  Spring 2005 2005-10-DSC 1730v  Fall 2005
2005-10-Dsc 1763v  Fall 2005 2006-03-Dsc 2907v  Spring 2006 2006-03-Dsc 2954v  Spring 2006: tree critique 2006-03-DSC 2955v  Spring 2006: tree critique
2006-04-Dsc 3087v  Spring 2006 2006-04-Dsc 3404v  Spring 2006 2006-04-Dsc 3548v  Spring 2006 2006-04-Dsc 3615v  Spring 2006
2006-07-Dsc 5257g filtered2  Summer 2006 2006-07-Dsc 5358v  Summer 2006 2006-07-Dsc 5359v  Summer 2006 2006-09-Dsc 5379v  Fal 2006; in the Galerie Teminus in Munich, Germany
2006-09-Dsc 5380v  FAll 2006: in the Galerie Terminus in Munich, Germany 2006-11-Dsc 6693v  Fall 2006; this picture was entered fo the 2006/7 Certre Award and the maple came out 2nd in the overall ranks and also in the choice of the general public. 2006-11-Dsc 6712v  Fall 2006 2007-04-Dsc 7276v  Winter 2006/7
2007-04-Dsc 7277v  Winter 2006/7; back side - not so bad either. 2007-06-DSC 2469v  spring 2007; now this looks way too healthy! 2007-06-DSC 2476v  Spring 2007; after it was decided that the maple should go to the Gingko Award the crown got defoliated. I only left the vey small leaves. 2007-07-DSC 3840v  Summer 2007
2007-07-DSC 3865ofv  Summer 2007; this is how it went to the Ginko Award 2007. 2007-07-DSC 3866v  Fall 2007 2007-07-DSC 3868ofv  Summer 2007 2007-10-DSC 0326of3v  Fall 2007
2007-10-DSC 0336of2v  Fall 2007 2007-10-DSC 0500ofv  Fall 2007 2007-10-DSC 0589ofv  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0773ofv  Fall 2007
2007-11-DSC 0886ofv  Winter 2007/8 2008-02-DSC 2112v 2008-02-DSC 2114ofv 2008-02-DSC 2115ofv
2008-04-DSC 4925ofv 2008-06-NSC 5591of2v 2008-06-NSC 5591ofv 2008-06-NSC 5721v
2008-08-Walter-Pall 2008-10-DSC 4225v 2008-10-DSC 4231v 2008-10-DSC 4247v
2008-10-NSC 6664ofv 2008-10-NSC 6687ofv 2008-11-DSC 5421v 2009-01-DSC 5569v
2009-01-DSC 5688v 2009-04-NSC 7141ofv 2009-04-NSC 7260ofv 2009-09-NSC 8272ofv
2009-09-NSC 8273ofv 2009-09-NSC 8275ofv 2009-11-NSC 8647ofv 2009-11-NSC 8660ofv
2010-02-NSC 9007ofv 2010-02-NSC 9009ofv 2010-02-NSC 9011v 2010-04-NSC 9537ofv
2010-06-NSC 9864of2v 2010-06-NSC 9864ofv 2010-08-PSC 0497ofn 2010-10-CIMG8576
2010-10-DSC 2655v 2010-10-DSC 2663v 2010-10-PSC 1002v 2011-01-QDSC 0934ofw
2011-01-QDSC 0936ofw 2011-03-QDSC 1751DNGofw 2011-03-QDSC 1753DNGofw 2011-03-QDSC 1952DNGw
2011-03-QDSC 1954DNGw 2011-04-QDSC 2454DNGw 2011-04-QDSC 2455DNGw 2011-04-QDSC 2457DNGw
2011-04-QDSC 2463DNGw 2011-04-QDSC 2464DNGw 2011-04-QDSC 2473DNGw 2011-04-QDSC 2474DNGw
2011-04-QDSC 2476DNGw 2011-10-QDSC 7938ofw 2011-10-QDSC 7940ofw 2011-10-QDSC 7993ofw
2011-10-QDSC 7994ofw 2011-10-QDSC 8228DNGofw 2011-10-QDSC 8229DNGofw 2011-11-QDSC 8233DNGofw
2011-11-QDSC 8234DNGofw 2011-11-QDSC 8236DNGw 2011-11-QDSC 8242DNGw 2011-11-QDSC 8243DNGw
2011-11-QDSC 8244DNGw 2011-11-QDSC 8245DNGw 2011-11-QDSC 8246DNGw 2011-11-QDSC 8247DNGw
2011-11-QDSC 8248DNGw 2012-04-RDSC 0636w 12013-11-396030 10201784895896732 1475168456 n