1 2 2003-06-DSCN5432v  Summer 2003 2004-04-Dscn7649v  Spring 2004
2005-03-Dscn01731v  Spring 2005; size comparison 2005-03-Dscn01941v  Spring 2005 2005-04-DSC 0057(2)v  Spring 2005 2005-04-DSC 0311(1)v3  Spring 2005
2005-07-Dsc 0299v  Summer 2005; involuntary defoliation. What a diaster just because I forgot to water twice on a hot day! 2005-07-Dsc 0426v  Summer 2005; the tree is not dead! New hope. 2005-08-DSC 0390(1)v6  Summer 2005 2005-11-Dsc 1830v  Fall 2005
2005-11-DSC 1896v  Fall 2005 2005-11-Dsc 2110ofv  Fall 2005 2006-04-Dsc 3576v  Spring 2006 2006-07-Dsc 2292v  Fall 2007
2007-02-Dsc 0201v  Winter 20067 2007-10-DSC 0058ofv  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0237ofv  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0269v  Fall 2007
2007-11-DSC 0306ofv  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0345of2v  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0345of4v  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0499ofv  Fall 2007
2007-11-DSC 0846ofv  Winter 2007/8; even without foliage it starts to look impressive. The wire scars have somehow disappeared almost, as expected. The ramification could still be bettter. There is room for improvement. 2008-12-NSC 6880ofv 2009-04-NSC 7115ofv 2009-08-NSC 8252ofv
2009-11-NSC 8688v 2010-07-PSC 0102ofv 2010-09-PSC 0663ofv 2010-10-PSC 0870ofv
2010-10-PSC 1011ofv 2010-10-PSC 1047ofv 2010-11-PSC 1116ofv 2011-04-QDSC 2434DNGofw
2011-11-QDSC 8595DNGofw 2012-06-17-Acer,-Walter-Pall 2013-06-R2C 2115w 2013-10-R2C 2902ofw