1 2 3 1984-06-Magazin08-Bild11
1987-03-DSCN2042  Spring 1987 1988-05-Magazin08-Bild09 1989-06-Magazin12-Bild22 1992-03-Magazin08-Bild01
1993-05-Magazin08-Bild12 1993-10-Magazin08-Bild10 1993-11-Magazin08-Bild05 1993-12-Magazin08-Bild04
1993-12-Magazin08-Bild08 1994-07-DSCN2048  Summer 1994; the long branches are to feed some lower branches so that they fatten up considerably. This works very well. 1997-07-Magazin08-Bild07 1997-11-DSCN2051  Fall 1997
1999-03-DSCN2854v  Spring 1999 2000-04-Magazin08-Bild02 2000-06-Magazin08-Bild14 2001-04-Eigenahorn1verkl  Spring 2001
2002-03-DSCN4854v  Winter 2002/3; in that year the braches could grow freely. This enhances root growth tremendously. In also fattened the trunk considerably. 2002-05-DSCN3243v  Spring 2002; this is the back side. Terrible! 2002-05-DSCN3244v  Spring 2002; What a lousy nebari! How could I live with this for 15 years? 2002-05-DSCN3245v  Spring 2002; this is just about wide enough. It should work. The tree went into a big plastic pot as is with the good pot. Then lots of very well draining substrate was filled up to where the first branch starts. This was left for 12 months.
2003-03-Magazin08-Bild13 2005-04-Dscn02531v  Spring 2005; looks kind of awkward still( 2005-07-Dsc 5259v  Summer 2006; the air layer worked well. 2005-11-DSC 1737v  Fall 2005
2005-11-Dsc 1777v  Fall 2005 2006-04-Dsc 3091v  Spring 2006 2006-04-Dsc 3557v  Spring 2006 2006-04-Dsc 3792g  Spring 2006
2006-08-Dsc 5258g filtered  Summer 2006 2006-12-Dsc 7300v  Winter 2006/7; this is what became of the air-layered nebari so far. There is lots of room for improvement. But the seed is layed. Now it is a question of time only. More or less. 2007-01-Dsc 7283v  Winter 2006/7 2007-10-DSC 0039ofv  Fall 2007
2007-11-DSC 0246ofv  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0303ofv  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0350of3v  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0454v  Fall 2007
2007-11-DSC 0527ofv  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0714v  Winter 2007/8 2008-10-NSC 6691ofv 2008-10-NSC 6734ofv
2008-10-NSC 6826ofv 2009-04-NSC 7123ofv 2009-04-NSC 7286ofv 2009-04-NSC 7338ofv
2009-04-NSC 7392ofv 2009-11-NSC 8663ofv 2010-02-NSC 8995ofv 2010-05-NSC 9759ofv
2010-06-ODSC 0519v 2010-06-ODSC 0520v 2010-08-PSC 0513ofv 2010-10-PSC 0885ofv
2010-10-PSC 1004v 2010-10-PSC 1033ofv 2010-11-DSC 0034ofv 2010-11-PSC 1108ofv
2010-12-DSC 0143DNGv 2011-03-QDSC 1985DNGofw 2011-04-QDSC 2407DNGofw 2011-11-QDSC 8518DNGw
2011-11-QDSC 8520DNGofw 2011-11-QDSC 8520DNGofw2 2012-04-R2C 0457ofw 2012-10- R2C 1595of2w
2012-10-R2C 1553ofw 2012-10-R2C 1554ofw 2012-10-R2C 1569of1w 2012-10-R2C 1569of2w
2012-10-R2C 1570ofw 2012-10-R2C 1595ofw 2012-10-R2C 1596ofw 2012-11-R2C 1655ofw
2012-11-R2C 1656ofw 2013-04-R2C 1749ofw 2013-04-R2C 1750ofw 2013-05-
2013-05-R2C 1770ofw 2013-05-R2C 1801ofw 2013-05-R2C 1802ofw 2013-07-R2C 2211w
2013-07-R2C 2212w 2013-08-R2C 2511w 2013-08-R2C 2513ofw 2013-08-R2C 2514ofw
2013-08-R2C 2619of2w 2013-08-R2C 2619ofw 2013-08-R2C 2620ofw 2013-10-R2C 2765of2w
2013-10-R2C 2765of3w 2013-10-R2C 2835of2w 2013-10-R2C 2835ofw 2013-10-R2C 2890of2w
2013-10-R2C 2890ofw 2013-11-R2C 2963of2w 2013-11-R2C 2963ofw 2013-11-RDSC 5012of2w
2013-11-RDSC 5012ofw 2013-11-RDSC 5013ofw 2013-12-R2C 3007ofw 2013-12-R2C 3008of2w
2013-12-R2C 3008ofw 2014-10-R2C 4474ofw 2014-11-R2C 4493ofw 2014-11-R2C 4497ofw
2014-11-R2C 4499ofw 2015-04-SAL 0729ofw 2015-04-SAL 0730ofw 2015-04-SAL 0822ofw
2015-10-SAL 3476ofw 2015-10-SAL 3477ofw 2015-10-SAL 3500ofw 2015-10-SAL 3501ofw
2015-10-SAL 3521ofw 2015-10-SAL 3522ofw 2016-03-SAL 4757ofw 2016-03-SAL 4758ofw
2016-07-SAL 6205ofw 2020-04-150172762 4021133231241701 8316513432215345636 o 2020-11-137211499 3927161293972229 2585823087952677081 o 2021-03-163098353 4126710977350592 7620061373645834636 o
2021-03-163475083 4126711064017250 67033936006528354 o 2021-10-168773110 4168160606538962 1402935446512777637 n 3032-20-168466903 4168160876538935 5034549423973989164 n 165857920 4148048208550202 2662965619547705812 o
166060235 4148048341883522 8613095594282211640 o