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5 1993-10-01-Magazin12-Bild04 1993-10-02-Magazin12-Bild07 1993-10-03-Magazin12-Bild08
1993-10-04-Magazin12-Bild01 1994-03-01-Magazin12-Bild06 1994-03-02-Magazin12-Bild09 1995-06-Magazin12-Bild03
1996-06-Magazin07-Bild02 1997-04-Magazin07-Bild04 1997-10-Magazin07-Bild05 1998-04-Magazin12-Bild05
2000-04-Magazin07-Bild09 2001-07-Magazin07-Bild08 2002-08-Magazin07-Bild03 2004-05-DSCN3113v  On the way to the Crespi Award
2004-05-DSCN3132  On the way to the Crespi Award 2004-08-Dscn8998v  Summer 2004 2005-04-Dscn01441g  Spring 2005 2005-04-Dscn02251g  Spring 2005
2005-04-Dscn02851g  Spring 2005 2005-05-DSC00441v  It takes several hours until such a big tree is defoliated carefully. 2005-05-DSC00713v  Summer 2005; defoliation almost finished 2005-06-DSC00743v  Summer 2005; after complete defoliation; be careful with small-leaved maples! They have to be very strong. This one is very strong, so it can take total defoliation.
2005-06-Dsc 0280v  Summer 2005, after defoliation the new growth comes as expected.H 2005-06DSC 0013(3)v1  Early summer 2005; even a well established tree like this maple has to be prepard to go to the Gingko Award 2005-09-Dsc 0859g  Summer 2005; this is how it went to the Gingko Award 2005. 2005-09-Dsc 0901v  FAll 2005; at the Gingko Award 2005
2005-10-Dsc 1922g  Fall 2005 2005-10-Dsc 1935g  Fall 2005 2005-10-Dsc 1945v  Fall 2005; nebari 2005-10-Dsc 1985g  Fall 2005
2005-10-Dsc 2002g  Fall 2005 2005-10-Dsc 2012g  Fall 2005; proud owner 2005-10-Dsc 2014g  Fall 2005, this picture was published in a couple of magazines 2005-11-Dsc 2031v  Winter 2005/6
2006-04-Dsc 3092v  Spring 2006 2006-04-Dsc 3096v  Spring 2006 2006-04-Dsc 3194g  Spring 2006 2006-04-Dsc 3200g  Spring 2006
2006-04-Dsc 3556v  Spring 2006 2006-04-Dsc 3609v  Spring 2006 2007-04-Dsc 0334v  Spring 2007; this is the back sinde which is not so bad either. The missing taper on the main trunk is very apparant, however.And the knob and especially the hook up on the top of the main trunk look odd. 2007-04-Dsc 0335v  Spring 2007; looks fine, but there might be a better front. The hook and the knob up on top of the main trunk are bothering me a lot. There must be a way to hide this. This fault is only apparent when the tree has no foliage. But don't the say "with deciduous trees you cannot cheat; when the foliage is off the truth comes out."
2007-04-Dsc 0338v  Spring 2007; this seems to be a better front 2007-04-Dsc 0670v  Spring 2007; today is the day of repotting and changing the front. I am so used to repot my maples when the foliage is already out that I am often not aware how shocking this is to many. They think it is way too late. Well, I do this since many years with great success, as one can see. And I have learned that it is better to repot rather late than early. Most do it the other way round. 2007-04-Dsc 0676v  Spring 2007; the tree is not as heavy as one tends to think 2007-04-Dsc 0678v  Spring 2007; the rootball gets raked thoroughly
2007-04-Dsc 0679v  Spring 2007; this is how small the rootball becomes. My new assistants get a shock every time the see this. 2007-04-Dsc 0690v  Spring 2007; looks good 2007-04-Dsc 0692v  Spring 2007; this is the last chance to change something. 2007-04-Dsc 0696v  spring 2007; David puts fine substrate on top. This is baked clay which is used for building industry in Germany
2007-04-Dsc 0702v  Spring 2007, after successful repotting and changing the front. David and Walter! 2007-04-Dsc 0737o filteredv  Spring 2007 2007-04-Dsc 0773o2v  Spring 2007, the famous spring picture. These are the actual colors, no tricks! 2007-05-6  Summer 2007; at the big exhibit in Versailles, France
2007-06-Dsc 2423v  Summer 2007; at the big exhibit in Versailles, France 2007-06-DSC 2575v  Summer 2007; at the exhibit in Nymphenburg, Germany 2007-11-DSC 0610ofv  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0769ofv  Fall 2007
2007-11-DSC 0812ofv  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0871of2v  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0873of2v  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 0879ofv  Fall 2007
2007-11-DSC 0905ofv  Fall 2007; this is the very last fall picture of this year, By now the tree is in the greenhouse already. 2007-12-DSC 1379ofv  Winter 2007/8 2009-03-DSC 5897v 2009-03-DSC 5898v
2009-03-DSC 5900v 2009-03-DSC 5902v 2009-03-DSC 5905v 2009-03-DSC 5909v
2009-03-DSC 5913v 2009-03-DSC 5914v 2009-03-DSC 5917v 2009-03-DSC 5920v
2009-03-DSC 5922v 2009-04-NSC 7149ofv 2009-04-NSC 7185ofv 2009-04-NSC 7186ofv
2009-04-NSC 7358v 2009-04-NSC 7361ofv 2009-11-NSC 8694v 2009-11-NSC 8695v
2010-03-DSC 9445v 2010-06-NSC 9969v 2010-06-NSC 9969v2 2010-10-41044 1357107655540 1466943895 30779684 2692881 n
2010-10-DSC 1987v 2011-03-QDSC 1625DNGw 2011-03-QDSC 1631DNGw 2011-03-QDSC 1632DNGw
2011-03-QDSC 1710DNGofw 2011-03-QDSC 1777DNGofw 2011-03-QDSC 1778DNGofw 2011-03-QDSC 1903DNGw
2011-03-QDSC 1905DNGw 2011-03-QDSC 1906DNGw 2011-03-QDSC 1909DNGw 2011-03-QDSC 1912DNGw
2011-03-QDSC 1938DNGw 2011-04-QDSC 2489DNGw 2011-04-QDSC 2494DNGw 2011-05-QDSC 4081DNGw
2011-05-QDSC 4084DNGw 2011-05-QDSC 4085DNGw 2011-05-QDSC 4086DNGw 2011-05-QDSC 4087DNGw
2012-03-R2C 0229w 2012-03-R2C 0234ofw 2012-03-R2C 0235ofw 2012-04-RDSC 0635w
2013-07-R2C 2196ofw 2013-07-R2C 2198ofw 2013-08-RDSC 4646w 2013-08-RDSC 4650w
2013-08-RDSC 4651w 2013-08-RDSC 4653w 2013-08-RDSC 4655w 2013-08-RDSC 4660w
2013-08-RDSC 4663w 2013-08-RDSC 4666w 2013-08-RDSC 4667w 2013-08-RDSC 4674w
2013-08-RDSC 4677w 2013-08-RDSC 4682w 2013-09-1234743 540158272720817 446542457 n 2013-09-R2C 2621ofw
2013-09-R2C 2624of2w 2013-09-R2C 2624ofw 2013-10-1382142 339073052896070 556363775 n 2013-11-R2C 2981of2w
2013-11-R2C 2981ofw 2013-11-R2C 2982of2w 2013-11-R2C 2982ofw 2014-03-R2C 3423ofw
2014-03-R2C 3424ofw 2014-06-10334334 789587281054329 1772221059293640186 n 2014-10-1903979 577081095729971 4359085618227996408 n 2014-11-R2C 4527ofw
2014-11-R2C 4575w 2014-11-R2C 4576ofw 2014-11-R2C 4578ofw 2014-11-R2C 4579ofw
2014-11-R2C 4599w 2014-11-R2C 4600w 2014-12-bonsai emoire 2015-06-SAL 1897w
2015-06-SAL 1898w 2015-06-SAL 1900w 2015-11-SAL 3840ofw 2015-11-SAL 3841ofw
2015-11-SAL 3855ofw 2015-11-SAL 3857ofw 2015-11-SAL 3858ofw 2018-01-TSA 1461ofw
2018-01-TSA 1462w 2018-01-TSA 1463ofw 2018-01-TSA 1464w 2018-01-TSA 1465w
2018-01-TSA 1466ofw 2018-01-TSA 1467w 2018-01-TSA 1468ofw 2018-01-TSA 1506w
2018-01-TSA 1512ofw 2018-01-TSA 1513w 2018-01-TSA 1514w 2018-01-TSA 1515w
2018-02-27993028 1799059430118925 3124375002263954838 o 2018-04-TSA 2417w 2018-04-TSA 2418w 2018-04-TSA 2419w
2018-04-TSA 2421w 2018-04-TSA 2423w 2018-04-TSA 2424w 2018-04-TSA 2425w
2018-06-TSA 3432ofw 2018-06-TSA 3454ofw 2018-06-TSA 3488ofw 2018-08-TSA 4048w
2018-08-TSA 4049w 2018-08-TSA 4050w 2018-08-TSA 4051w 2018-08-TSA 4053w
2018-08-TSA 4054w 2018-08-TSA 4055w 2018-08-TSA 4056w 2018-08-TSA 4057w
2018-08-TSA 4059w 2018-08-TSA 4060w 2018-08-TSA 4062w 2018-08-TSA 4063w
2018-08-TSA 4064w 2018-08-TSA 4065w 2018-08-TSA 4071ofw 2018-11-TSA 5168w
2019-06-TSB 0273w 2019-06-TSB 0275w 2019-06-TSB 0409ofw 2019-07-TSB 0443ofw
2019-07-TSB 0488ofw 2019-07-TSB 0622ofw 2019-07-TSB 0624w 2019-09-69753263 564865460718028 254885439771508736 n
2020-02-85127550 105315377717610 802165101934149632 n 2020-03-89195607 2709395942431333 2752816832619479040 n 2020-04-Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 14.49.24 2020-04-TSC 0845ofx
2020-05-TSC 1200x 2020-05-TSC 1204x 2020-05-TSC 1205x 2020-05-TSC 1206ofx
2020-05-TSC 1207x 2020-06-TSC 1222ofx 2020-06-TSC 1416ofx 2020-07-TSC 1476ifx
2020-07-TSC 1621ofx 2020-11-TSC 2443ofx 2020-11-TSC 2446ofx 2021-03-TSC 2972x
2021-04-TSC 2980ofx 2021-04-TSC 3063x 2021-04-TSC 3154iofx 2021-05-TSC 3388ofx
2021-05-TSC 3407ofx 2021-07-TSC 3969x 2021-08-TSC 4246x 2021-08-TSC 4248x
2021-08-TSC 4251x 2021-09-TSC 4893ofx 2022-03-274852952 10224584713517985 5982242609426314862 n 2022-03-274954654 10224595678752109 133425320836840381 n
2022-03-TSC 5711x 2022-03-TSC 5722x 2022-03-TSC 5731x 2022-04-TSC 5953ofx