1 2 1996-04-Magazin10-Bild41 1997-07-Magazin10-Bild40
1998-04-Magazin10-Bild43 2001-04-73v  Spring 2001; this looks good by now.Now comes the refinement stage. 2001-04-a74  Spring 2001, right after potting into the container by Josef Mairhofer. The substrate is pumice plus a bit rough peat 2001-04-a75v  Spring 2001
2003-04-Magazin10-Bild46 2003-06-Magazin10-Bild47 2004-04-Magazin10-Bild38 2004-10-Magazin10-Bild48
2005-03-Dscn03951v  Winter 2004/5; now this pot by Derek Aspinall is perfect. 2005-06-Dsc 0318v  summer 2005; looks fine if it were not for the big leaves. It cannot go to the Gingko award like this. 2005-06-Dsc 0320v  cut several leaves all at once. This is defoliation and pinching in one cut. 2005-06-Dsc 0321v  cut everything clear.
2005-06-Dsc 0323v  Summer 2005; half way through defoliation 2005-06-Dsc 0326v  Summer 2005; right after defoliation 2005-07-Dsc 0217v  Summer 2005; new growth after defoliation. 2005-09-Dsc 0843g  summer 2005; this is how it went to the Gingko Award 2005
2005-09-Dsc 0867v  Fall 2005 2005-09-Dsc 0903v  FAll 2005; at the Gingko Award 2005 2005-11-Dsc 1840g  Fall 2005 2005-12-Dsc 3399v  Winter 2005/6
2006-04-Dsc 3633v  Spring 2006 2006-04-Dsc 3765v  Spring 2006 2006-07-Dsc 4701v  summer 2006; new growth after defoliation 2006-07-Dsc 4800g  Summer 2006
2006-07-Dsc 4802g filtered  Summer 2006 2006-11-Dsc 6700v  Fall 2006 2006-11-Dsc 6709v  Fall 2006 2006-12-Dsc 0358v  Winter 2006/7
2007-06-DSC 2571v  Summer 2007; at the exhibit in Nymphenburg, Germany 2007-06-DSC 2600v  Summer 2007; at the Nymphenburg castel. His Royal Majesty, Franz of Bavaria, listens to WP. 2007-11-01-DSC 0218v  Fall 2007 2007-11-02-DSC 0509ofv  Fall 2007
2007-11-03-DSC 0025ofv  Winter 2007/8 2008-05-NSC 5060ofv 2008-06-NSC 5801v 2008-07-NSC 6105ofv
2008-10-NSC 6738v 2008-10-NSC 6743ofv 2008-10-NSC 6776ofv 2009-08-NSC 8174ofv
2011-10-QDSC 7386ofw 2012-04-RDSC 0666w 2012-05-DSC 1476w 2013-11-R2C 2975of2w
2013-11-R2C 2975ofe 2014-04-R2C 3470ofw 2014-04-R2C 3470ofw2 2014-04-R2C 3471ofw
2015-04-SAL 1211ofw 2015-04-SAL 1212ofw 2018-06-TSA 3433ofw 2018-06-TSA 3434ofw
2018-06-TSA 3473ofof 2018-06-TSA 3474ofw 2018-10-TSA 4692ofw 2018-10-TSA 4696ofw
2019-10-TSB 1839of2w 2019-10-TSB 1839ofw 2019-10-TSB 1840ofw 2020-07-TSC 1629ofx
2020-07-TSC 1630ofx 2021-02-TSC 2881ofx 2021-02-TSC 2882ofx 2022-02-TSC 5701ofx
2022-02-TSC 5702ofx