1 2 1994-05-01-Magazin05-Bild02 1994-05-02-Magazin05-Bild01
1995-04-Magazin08-Bild40 1996-04-Magazin08-Bild36 1996-06-Magazin08-Bild33 1997-04-Magazin08-Bild39
1998-04-Magazin08-Bild38 2000-04-Magazin08-Bild37 2001-07-DSCN1095v  Summer 2001 2001-10-DSCN1907v  Fall 2001
2002-04-DSCN3026v  Spring 2002 2002-05-Magazin08-Bild34 2002-11-DSCN3953v  Fall 2002 2003-07-DSCN5253v  Summer 2003; the smaller one may well be older than the big one
2003-07-DSCN5255v  Summer 2003 2003-10-Dscn6656v 2004-04-Dscn7588v  Spring 2004 2005-04-Dscn0223v  Spring 2005
2005-05-DSC 0017(3)v  Summer 2005 2005-06-DSC00191v  Summer 2005 2005-06-DSC 0017(1)v  Summer 2005 partial defoliation 2005-06-Dsc 0281v  Summer 2005
2005-06-Dsc 0282v  Summer 2005, partial defoliation 2005-11-DSC 1746v  Fall 2005 2006-01-Dsc 1062v  Winter 2006/7 2006-11-Dsc 6701v  Fall 2006
2006-11-Dsc 6708v  Fall 2006 2007-11-01-DSC 0910ofv  Winter 2007/8; coming nicely. 2007-11-02-DSC 0910ofrv  Winter 2007/8; virtual with crown as I forsee it. It will take another five years. Well worth the time. 2007-11-DSC 0596ofv  Fall 2007; this is the back side, but it may well be another front.
2007-11-DSC 0597ofv  Fall 2007 2008-05-NSC 5489ofv 2008-05-NSC 5490ofv 2008-06-NSC 5719v
2008-06-NSC 5838v 2008-10-NSC 6777ofv 2008-10-NSC 6788ofv 2009-08-NSC 8150ofv
2009-08-NSC 8151ofv 2009-08-NSC 8152ofv 2009-08-NSC 8153ofv 2009-11-NSC 8672v
2009-11-NSC 8673v 2010-05-DSC 9934v 2010-05-DSC 9935v 2010-05-DSC 9938v
2010-05-DSC 9940v 2010-05-DSC 9943v 2010-05-DSC 9958v 2010-05-DSC 9961v
2010-05-DSC 9966v 2010-05-NSC 9724v 2010-06-DSC 0114v 2010-006-DSC 0394v
2010-11-QDSC 0037v 2010-11-QDSC 0041ofv 2010-11-QDSC 0042ofv 2010-11-QDSC 0045ofv
2010-11-QDSC 00440fv 2011-04-QDSC 3327DNGw 2011-04-QDSC 3329DNGw 2011-04-QDSC 3341DNGw
2011-05-QDSC 3746DNGw 2011-05-QDSC 3756DNGw 2012-03-R2C 0209ofw 2012-03-R2C 0210ofw
2012-03-R2C 0259w 2012-03-R2C 0267w 2012-03-R2C 0268w 2012-03-R2C 0282w
2012-03-R2C 0283w 2012-03-R2C 0284w 2012-03-R2C 0285ofw 2012-03-R2C 0286w
2012-03-R2C 0287w 2012-03-R2C 0288w 2012-03-R2C 0289ofw 2012-03-R2C 0290w
2012-03-R2C 0291ofw 2012-03-R2C 0292w 2012-04-RDSC 0657w 2013-10-R2C 2856ofw
2013-10-R2C 2857ofw 2014-02-R2C 3240w 2014-02-R2C 3244w 2014-02-R2C 3247w
2014-02-R2C 3248w 2014-02-R2C 3249ofw 2014-02-R2C 3250ofw 2014-11-R2C 4580w
2014-11-R2C 4581ofw 2014-11-R2C 4582ofw 2015-04-SAL 1165w 2015-04-SAL 1166w
2015-04-SAL 1167w 2015-04-SAL 1168w 2015-04-SAL 1169w 2015-04-SAL 1170w
2015-04-SAL 1171w 2015-04-SAL 1173w 2015-04-SAL 1174w 2015-04-SAL 1176w
2015-04-SAL 1178w 2015-04-SAL 1179ofw 2015-04-SAL 1180ofw 2016-04-SAL 5245ofw
2016-04-SAL 5246ofw 2017-03-SAL 7890ofw 2017-03-SAL 7891ofw 2019-05-TSB 0181w
2019-05-TSB 0182 1w 2019-05-TSB 0184w 2019-05-TSB 0186w 2019-05-TSB 0187w
2019-05-TSB 0188w 2019-05-TSB 0189w 2019-05-TSB 0190w 2019-06-TSB 0194w
2019-06-TSB 0196w 2019-06-TSB 0197ofw 2019-06-TSB 0198w 2019-06-TSB 0199ofw
2019-06-TSB 0200ofw 2020-12-TSC 2715ofx 2020-12-TSC 2714ofx 2020-12-TSC 2716ofx
2020-12-TSC 2713ofx 2021-04-TSC 3036x 2022-03-TSC 5809ofx 2022-03-TSC 5808ofx