1 2 1992-05-Magazin07-Bild01 1994-03-Magazin04-Bild50
1996-04-1-Magazin04-Bild49 1996-04-DSCN2055v2  Spring 1996; this is how one cuts it back. The long branch to the left should still be growing and fattening the lower limb. 1996-04-DSCN2055v3  Spring 1996; this is how I cut it back. Most people would do it this way. I would not anymore. It creates immediate satsifaction by producing an immediately good looking tree. But it sacrifices future quality. 1996-04-Magazin04-Bild47
1997-06-Magazin04-Bild48 1998-05-Magazin04-Bild44 1998-06-Magazin04-Bild45 1998-11-Magazin04-Bild43
1999-06-Magazin04-Bild51 2000-05-apfel21v  Spring 2000 2003-05-DSCN5041v  Spring 2003 2003-05-DSCN5047v  Spring 2003
2003-05-Dscn5060v  Spring 2003 2003-05-DSCN5061v  Spring 2004 2003-05-DSCN5134v  Spring 2003 2003-05-DSCN5145v  Spring 2003
2003-05-Dscn5199v 2003-05-Magazin04-Bild42 2004-05-apfel2v  Spring 2004 2004-07-apfel3v  Summer 2004
2004-11-Dscn9255v  Fall 2004 2004-11-Dscn9572g  Fall 2004 2004-11-dscn9576v 153  Fall 2004; virtual with the snake from Paradise.X 2004-12-Dscn9650v  Winter 2004/5
2007-04-Dsc 0369v  Spring 2007; back side. Not so bad either. 2007-04-Dsc 0370v  Spring 2007; the apple tree looks convincing even without foliage by now. 2007-05-Dsc 1755v  Spring 2007 2007-05-Dsc 1813v  Spring 2007; back side
2007-05-Dsc 1814v  Spring 2007 2007-10-DSC 0054ofv  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 1023ofv  Fall 2007 2007-11-DSC 1047ofv  Fall 2007
2007-11-DSC 1100v  Fal 2007 2007-11-DSC 1105v  Fall 2007 2007-12-DSC 1159v  Winter 2007/8 2008-01-DSC 1514ofv  Winter 2007/8
2008-01-DSC 1515ofv  Winte 2007/8 2008-05-NSC 5139ofv 2009-04-NSC 7167v 2009-04-NSC 7168v
2009-10-NSC 8479v 2009-10-NSC 8480ofv 2009-10-NSC 8481ofv 2009-10-NSC 8482v
2009-10-NSC 8505ofv 2009-10-NSC 8506ofv 2009-10-NSC 8507v 2009-11-180v
2009-11-181v 2009-11-DSC 7919v 2009-11-DSC 8009v 2009-11-DSC 8247v
2009-11-DSC 8884 2009-11-DSC 8894 2009-11-DSC 8896 2009-11-NSC 8522v
2010-04-DSC 9871v 2010-04-DSC 9877v 2010-04-DSC 9881v 2010-04-DSC 9885v
2010-04-DSC 9886v 2010-04-DSC 9887v 2010-11-QDSC 0218DNGv 2010-11-QDSC 0219DNGofv
2011-04-QDSC 3142DNGogw 2011-04-QDSC 3143DNGofw 2011-10-QDSC 7828ofw 2011-10-QDSC 7829ofw
2011-10-QDSC 7830ofw 2011-10-QDSC 7831ofw 2011-11-amakleinYamakleinPall Apfel 04 2011-11-YamakleinYamakleinPall Apfel 06
2011-12-QDSC 9611w